FAYBOX Women Winter Faux Fur Boot Cuff Knitting Leg Warmers Short


These cute boot cuffs offers two choice for you: economic 3 PAIRS A PACK and 1 PAIR A PACK and both come with a zipper bag. These could be good choices as festival, say Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts for your family members and friends. Also these stylish and trendy crochet boot socks toppers will definitely be an attractive addition to your fall and winter outfits. Material: This winter warm leg warmers are made from comfortable stretching acrylic fibers. Could keep you warm and prevent cold air from entering your boots. Length: the 3 PAIRS A PACK snowflakes series about 6.7?, the button series about 6.1? and the crochet diamond series around 8.2?. The 1 PAIR A PACK is around 5.9?. One size fits mostly all, stretchy soft and durable. Both hand and Machine washable for easy care. Wash in water under 30 Celsius on gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.


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