Knee High Open Toe Zipper Compression Socks Women 15-20 mmhg


70% Nylon,30% Spandex These 15-20 mmHg Zipper Compression Socks Offers True Graduated Compression To Provide Therapeutic Pressure As It Helps To Decrease In Leg Fatigue, Aching Feet, And Swollen Ankles. Each pair of socks includes a strong high quality built-in zipper to secure a snug fit. It prevents unzipping even during movement all day long.Easy to take on and take off This compression socks fit for running, nurses, shin Splints,flight travel, & maternity pregnancy. boost stamina, circulation, & recovery.The pressure gradient from these sleeves helps boost blood circulation during those times when your standing or sitting on an extended amount of time Available in 3 different sizes to ensure you receive the focused support and muscle fatigue relief that you need. Designed with lightweight, durable, and breathable fabric ? especially great if you are on your feet for long periods of time Similar to varicose veins stockings, tights, pantyhose and leggings, this compression socks help with prevention and formation of varicose and spider veins


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