Women’s 4-Pack Boat Cotton Socks from MengLu


Material?18.6% cotton + 54.9% acrylic fibres + 25.3% nylon+1.2% spandex women’s socks. Soft, comfortable, breathable, wear-resistant, odor-proof. Size??Our socks average size is 22-24 centimeters, suitable for women to wear 5-8 yards, they are very flexible, very suitable for your feet. Design:This sock is tailor-made for customers who pursue self-confidence, elegance and health. It not only gives you comfort, but also reflects your pursuit of personal charm through details. Application:Colourful socks can be easily matched with your daily life. They are also a good gift for any loved one of your family and friends. Place of Origin:Our socks are from Zhejiang Mengna Group of China, the sole supplier of socks for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and also the brand of socks for Chinese astronauts. It is the landmark brand of socks in China. I hope this socks will bring you different comfort.


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